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Additional Psychic Services

In addition to psychic readings, tarot readings, meditation, and custom love spells, Master Psychic Bree also offers other services that will help you find balance and direction in your life.

Dream Interpretation

In almost every culture and time, you can find evidence of how dreams offer people a powerful insight into the inner psyche and predict future events. Bree has the ability to interpret your dreams and find the messages that are being sent to you.

Energy Channeling

Bree offers energy channeling, which is an effective type of healing. Energy channeling can help you heal from emotional and physical barriers to a full, rich, vibrant life.

Chakra Balancing

If you can do it correctly, Chakra balancing is a powerful help in restoring inner balance in your life. However, it is very difficult to do yourself. Bree offers customized chakra balancing for your 7 chakras, according to traditional yoga philosophies.

Soul Healing

Master Healer Bree offers healing sessions by phone for individuals who have suffered emotionally or physically. You can gain peace, contentment, and health again with soul healing.

Financial Blessings

Do you wonder if you will get a job soon? Or which direction to take? Third generation Psychic Bree will guide you through to finding financial blessings in your life.


Do you wonder if your lover is really committed to the relationship? Call Master Love Psychic Bree and she can tell you in a phone call what your lover is thinking and feeling. She is gifted at love spells and determining the best direction for your love life.


You can gain the strength and power you need to fulfill your relationships through Master Psychic’s spells. From custom spells to quick love spells, Bree offers extra power and potency to your wishes and inmost desires.

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