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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychic Reading with Bree

Where are you located?

I am located in southwest Houston, about 15 minutes from the downtown center. My address is 3333 Weslayan St., Houston, TX 77027. I offer psychic readings by phone for your convenience, so you do not need to come to my home address.

How can I trust that you know what you’re doing?

I first listen to your problems and then I will let you know what method needs to be used to help you gain what you seek. I will only take clients who are serious about being helped. It is proven to be 100% accurate on all cases.

What kinds of problems can your psychic readings and other services help me with?

I specialize in helping make your love and relationships stronger. I also help bring financial blessings (jobs, career direction, etc.) to your life, and I do healings and energy channeling.

Can your psychic abilities help me in my love life?

Yes! I am a gifted love specialist. I can reveal your lovers’ mind in one phone call. I can reunite you and your lover and send you happiness and love.

Do you work by phone or in person?

I offer phone consultations, healings, quick love spells, and psychic readings. By working through phone, you can contact me from anywhere with complete convenience and privacy. I also offer customized horoscope readings by email.

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